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STEM Explored Ltd is led by Dr Caroline Sudworth who has vast experience and expertise in education and training pedagogy.  

Dr Caroline D Sudworth MPhys (Hons) PhD


Following a successful career in scientific research & development, and business development within industry and Higher Education, Caroline became the Higher Education Manager for Cogent Sector Skills Council.  In this role she was responsible for development and implementation of national policies and frameworks that delivered the technical and higher level skill needs of the STEM based industries.  She focused on employer engagement with Further and Higher Education providers, led the development of the Cogent industries higher level skills and STEM strategies, and the delivery of innovative programmes including Working Higher and Nuclear Island.


Caroline also supported development of the Diplomas of Science and Engineering, and worked with the Royal Academy of Engineering on the FE STEM and National HE STEM projects in 2011.


In 2011/12 Caroline provided the Secretariat to the BIS Office for Life Sciences Skills Advisory Committee for ‘Industry Placements’.  She led Higher Education activity across the STEM based Sector Skills Councils, providing a single point of contact for projects aimed to deliver the higher and technical STEM skills of industry.  These included the Engineering Gateways and the North West Higher Level Skills Pathfinder programmes. 


More recently, Caroline has been employed at the Engineering Council as Head of Technicians and Apprenticeships.  Her responsibilities included: developing and leading on strategy related to the underpinning education and competence requirements for technician registration; supporting the development of vocational qualifications and apprenticeship programmes, leading to professional registration, across the engineering and construction sectors; and supporting programmes that increase awareness of and uptake of technician registration, such as apprenticeships.


When not working, Caroline enjoys numerous social pursuits as well as keeping fit and healthy through an outdoor lifestyle.  She is an accomplished skier, with other passions including cycling, hiking, trekking and white water sports.  She loves to travel, and has seen much of the world.  Her adventures include trekking along the Inca Trail, climbing Kilimanjaro, the Amazon Rain Forest and cycle trips in Jordan, Iceland and Spain.

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